Winterdance Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. According to Gary, what are "problem" dogs?

According to Gary, "Problem dogs might be a bit young, or like to fight too much, or spend too much time looking back to see what the sled driver is doing. They require extra effort--more time to understand, time to know, time to learn how they think and act and work."

2. In the Prelude, what warning signs of the coming storm does Gary miss?

Gary misses the following warning signs of the storm: The snow was not large and fluffy but was more like sleet; the dog named Crackers was restless (he hated storms); the wind was increasing exponentially; and the sleet was starting to obscure his vision.

3. Gary writes in the Prologue, "Everything had been done wrong." What does he think he did wrong?

Gary thinks he has made some critical mistakes: He didn't fix the headband on the lamp, which led to his headache; he didn't replace the batteries in the headlamp; he didn't stop where he should have stopped (in the dense spruce), so he put himself and his team in peril; and he moved into unknown territory when the weather was bad.

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