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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Dogs: Alaska.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gary carry a gun?
(a) To shoot feral dogs.
(b) To hunt.
(c) To protect himself from his dogs.
(d) To protect himself against other mushers.

2. Where are the dogs when Gary sleeps in the Prelude?
(a) Attached to the sled.
(b) Around the fire.
(c) Blown down the mountain.
(d) On top of Gary.

3. In the Prelude Gary writes, "The difficulty came because of ____________."
(a) The "problem" dogs.
(b) A headache.
(c) The snow.
(d) The terrain.

4. How often should a dog's feet be examined while running the Iditarod?
(a) In the morning and in the evening.
(b) Every half hour.
(c) At the end of every day.
(d) Three times a day.

5. While training for his first race, why doesn't Gary sleep well?
(a) He is hungry.
(b) The scenery is too beautiful.
(c) The dogs are whining.
(d) A moose comes too close.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Gary spend in the back of the truck with the dogs when he brings them home from Canada?

2. In "Dogs from Hell," which of these things does NOT happen to Gary when he was looking for the dogs?

3. What does the command "Haw" mean?

4. Why doesn't Gary shoot the beaver in "Beginnings" after he aims his gun?

5. Which of these is NOT a mistake Gary makes when he starts training?

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