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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Race: The Yukon; Unalakleet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long is the trail that the team runs in "First Snow"?
(a) About one hundred miles.
(b) About seventy miles.
(c) About ten miles.
(d) About twenty miles.

2. What happens when the team gets to the end of the driveway to run in the first snow of the season?
(a) A moose appears.
(b) Gary is thrown off the sled.
(c) Cookie turns onto the old trapline trail.
(d) Gary steers the team to the left.

3. Which experience does Gary NOT share with the dogs in "Becoming Dog"?
(a) He cooks in the kennel.
(b) He eats the dogs' food.
(c) He urinates in the kennel.
(d) He sings a night song with the dogs.

4. According to Gary, what is "that which is cold"?
(a) The Alaska Range.
(b) The Iditarod.
(c) The Yukon River.
(d) Alaska.

5. What does Devil do when Gary says, "Hi"?
(a) He urinates.
(b) He bites Gary.
(c) He wags his tail.
(d) He growls at Gary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gary do when he starts to get really cold in The Yukon?

2. Why doesn't Gary feel pain when the snow hook pierces his boot?

3. What mountain is sometimes called the "American Everest"?

4. In "First Snow", how much snow is on the ground?

5. How does Gary get through the bitterly cold nights in The Yukon?

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