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Slumps - These are ground up and used as dog food.

Minnesota - This is a U.S. state to which the main character moves his family to pursue a simpler life.

Anchorage - This city is where the race begins.

Nome - This town marks the finish line of the race.

Don's Cabin - This is a rundown shack at which mushers often stop.

A Sledge and A Sled - The dogs pull one of these objects while training and one while racing.

Booties - These protect the dogs' feet from freezing or being cut by the ice.

Snow Hook - This is used as an anchor for the sled.

The Interior - This is a desolate area where mushers are most likely to be caught in severe weather, become lost, or encounter serious trouble.

Iditarod - This is the name of a race, a...

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