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Objective: Prelude In the Prelude, Gary finds himself in life-or-death circumstances. He writes, "I could take the pad and sleeping bag and food out of the sled and drag them back into the hole and make a shelter and live through it. It would be all right." Gary fights to survive the storm with the help of items from his sled. This lesson addresses the concept of Survival.

1. Class discussion:
What events lead to Gary's quest for survival in this chapter? Include things that he does and doesn't do.

2. Group or partner discussion:
What things does Gary have to help him survive?

3. Writing activity:
Discuss Gary's dilemma regarding his survival and the survival of his dogs. What does he ultimately decide? What does he do?

4. Homework:
Write a summary of the chapter (3 or 4 paragraphs) from the point of view of Duberry, the lead sled dog.

5. Homework:

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