Winterdance Fun Activities

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Drawing Activity--Prelude

Have students make a drawing showing the relative positions of Gary, the rocky outcropping, the sled, the hook, the dogs, the canyon, and the frozen river. How close to the edge of the canyon were the sled and dogs? How far was the drop to the canyon floor?

Ten Survival Items--Prelude

Imagine you are a musher on a training run. You can only bring 10 things with you, not counting the sled and the dogs. What would you bring?

Research Activity--Beginnings

Perform an internet search using the following terms: "simple, life, live". What are some of the most interesting ideas on the sites you visited?

Write a Poem--Beginnings

Write a Haiku, Diamante, or other poem about the beauty Gary saw in nature.

Top Training Tips--Dogs from Hell/Major Wrecks

Make a list of the things you think new mushers should know about training for the Iditarod.

Make a Comic Strip--Major Wrecks

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