Winterdance Character Descriptions

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Gary Paulsen - This person runs dogs for transportation, for work, and ultimately for fun.

Cookie - This dog leads the Iditarod sled team and is fiercely loyal to his/her musher.

Ruth - This person is sensible and humorous. This person suggests that another person sleep in the kennel with the dogs.

Devil - This dog is a fierce Canadian who destroyed his/her owner's sleeping bag.

The Doughnut Man - This person seems friendly at first but later kills one of his/her team members.

Marge - This animal mates with one of the sled dogs and has a slightly deformed paw.

The Team - This group has individual personalities but works as a whole to pull the sled.

The Checkers - These people direct the mushers through each stop during the race.

Skunks, Moose, and Beaver - The sled team encounters these animals...

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