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• Gary is in Alaska three months before the start of his second Iditarod race.

• When Gary misses the signs of an approaching storm, the lead sled dog is swept sideways, and Gary is ripped from the sled and is blown down the mountain.

• Gary reunites with the dogs and sled. Gary and his team reach camp the next morning, where Gary is finally hit by the realization of his brush with death.

• Gary knows that a sane man would give it all up now, but he also knows that he will never choose to stop sledding.

The Dogs: Beginnings

• Gary uproots his family and moves them to the northern woods of Minnesota, putting them further into debt.

• Gary first used the dogs and sled for transportation, then for income, and later for fun.

• Gary takes the dogs on an extended run, seeing things as he believes his...

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