Winter in the Blood Character Descriptions

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This character is a slender young Cree woman from Havre. She is also the narrator's girlfriend.

Airplane Man

This character claims to come from New York and is eventually arrested.


This character is said to be the narrator's grandfather, and lived with his grandmother for a long time.


This character is the brother to the narrator's girlfriend, and beats the narrator up in Havre.

First Raise

This character is good with machinery, makes the white men laugh, and is the narrator's father.


This character was the wife of a great chief.

Larue Henderson

This character manages an auto-repair shop and drinks with the narrator before his trip to Malta.

Ferdinand Horn

This character drinks with the narrator's stepfather and has a nosy wife.

Lame Bull

This character is sloppy, takes on a habit of grinning, and marries the narrator's mother.

Raymond Long Knife


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