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John Keegan
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the theme of British foreign policy from before Churchill's birth until his early maturity?

2. What did Churchill's mother send him while he was in India?

3. What famous Churchill line did the author first hear?

4. Churchill was involved with the Malakand Field Force, fighting which group?

5. Churchill's life was almost devoid of:

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Churchill end up leading the 21st Lancers?

2. What did John Keegan find when he came to New York to study?

3. Churchill became president of the Board of Trade where he became familiar with those resisting British rule throughout the world. What groups did he admire and which groups did he despise?

4. What was Churchill's social life like?

5. During the time of increased German and American economic power, what did Churchill support, despite it becoming less popular with his party?

6. How did Churchill's mother spend the time during her marriage to Lord Randolph Churchill?

7. What happened to Churchill during the Boer War?

8. What kind of student was Churchill?

9. What kinds of things tainted the line of the Duke of Marlborough for generations? Who restored it's good name?

10. What country challenged Britain for dominance on the high seas?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Name and discuss three things that you learned about World War II while reading this book.

Essay Topic 2

Churchill had many and varying positive personality traits and qualities. What were some of these positive qualities? Conversely, Churchill was not perfect. What were some of the negative personality traits that Churchill had? What, in your opinion, was the most important personality trait that Churchill possessed?

Essay Topic 3

Churchill gave a speech on the Army estimates of 1901. This speech was remarkable for three reasons. State and discuss the three reasons.

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