Winston Churchill: A Penguin Life Fun Activities

John Keegan
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Axis vs. Allies

Divide up the class into two groups: Axis and Allies. Have simple "challenges" between the two teams. Such challenges could include relay races, basketball games, word challenges, pop quizzes, etc.

Cross Word Puzzle

Using a computerized crossword generator, generate a crossword puzzle using terms from WWII.

One of these things is not like the other...

Put together groups of three quotes from speeches. Make two of the quotes from speeches written by Churchill and one quote a non-Churchill. Challenge the students to successfully chose which quote did not come from Churchill.

Poem to Clementine

Write a poem to Clementine as if you were Churchill. You may use any style of poem to complete this assignment.

Develop a "rations menu" using WWII ration standards. Be creative with meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for one week.

Winston vs. Clementine

Have a day to impersonate Winston...

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