Winston Churchill: A Penguin Life Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Keegan
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Chapter One, Churchill and History

• Author John Keegan starts out with the opinion that Churchill is a war relic.
• John Keegan went to New York to study, and listened to a speech given by Churchill on a record.
• John Keegan found that Churchill was actually a fascinating, talented orator, writer and leader.

Chapter Two, Family and Youth

• Churchill was a descendant of the Duke of Marlborough on his father's side; his mother was a wealthy American heiress more interested in her money than her marriage or children.
• Churchill may have gotten his talent for politics from his father, who could have been a great politician if it weren't for bad health; despite this similarity, their relationship was one of disapproval.
• Churchill was a terrible student and his physical abilities were lacking as well; he was only admitted into schools due to his elite background and the rote learning...

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