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Short Answer Questions

1. What does George say he has set forth upon when he goes to find Louise?

2. What does Dr. Reefy write on the scraps of paper he keeps in his pockets?

3. How long has Dr. Reefy worn the same clothes?

4. What does Jesse turn to as an explanation for everything?

5. When the writer is lying in bed, what does he compare himself to?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does George go to the drug store after leaving Louise?

2. What do the stories Dr. Parcival tell mean to George?

3. How does Enoch's life change when he is twenty-one?

4. What do Seth and Helen talk about on their walk?

5. What does Tom fear about his life in the story "Mother"?

6. What does David do when Jesse pulls out a knife in the forest?

7. The day that Kate is not in her room in "The Strength of God", what is the Reverend's sermon about?

8. What are the paper pills?

9. In the story "Mother", what are Elizabeth's hopes and dreams for George?

10. What happens to make David fear Jesse?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The format of "Winesburg, Ohio" is unique. How does this format help Anderson convey his message about the people of Winesburg? Is this an effective device? How does the format help or hurt the stories of these characters?

Essay Topic 2

How does "The Book of the Grotesques" set up the rest of the book? What are "grotesques"? Choose three characters and analyze them according to this description of grotesque.

Essay Topic 3

Thinking about the episodes of violence in "Winesburg, Ohio", describe what the violence represents to the novel/characters. Analyze the symbolism of any weapons involved. How does Anderson use violence? What message is conveyed? How does violence develop the stories/characters?

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