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Short Answer Questions

1. When Elizabeth is a girl, how does she startle the people of Winesburg?

2. Who says "I have a desire to make you admire me"?

3. What does the doctor read to the girl in the winter?

4. Where does Wing live during his youth?

5. Where does Jesse take David to pray?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the writer come up with "The Book of the Grotesque"?

2. What does George decide to do after his mother's death in the story "Death"?

3. How does Wing feel about the town where he lives?

4. What are the paper pills?

5. What does Dr. Parcival do with his brother's money?

6. Why does Jesse leave his family's farm as a young man?

7. What does Elizabeth and George watch happen in the alley?

8. What happens to make David fear Jesse?

9. When Ned first plans to move to Cleveland, what does Alice tell him?

10. Why is Reverend Curtis' sermon different after the first time he sees Kate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The format of "Winesburg, Ohio" is unique. How does this format help Anderson convey his message about the people of Winesburg? Is this an effective device? How does the format help or hurt the stories of these characters?

Essay Topic 2

Several characters in this novel are lonely. Analyze three characters in terms of their loneliness. Why do they feel alienated? What do they do in response to this alienation? How is loneliness a theme in the novel and what is it representative of?

Essay Topic 3

There are several marriages presented in "Winesburg, Ohio". Describe and compare these marriages. What is Anderson trying to say about marriage?

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