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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alice do the night that it rains?
(a) She goes to bed early.
(b) She cries as she runs around the streets.
(c) She starts yelling frantically from her window.
(d) She runs outside, naked.

2. What does George say he has set forth upon when he goes to find Louise?
(a) A path of crime.
(b) A chase.
(c) An adventure.
(d) A life of lonliness.

3. When does Dr. Parcival say he prays all night?
(a) When he is about to move.
(b) When his father dies.
(c) When his brother steals.
(d) When his mother is ill.

4. What happens to the writer's book?
(a) He looses the only copy.
(b) It gets published.
(c) It is not published.
(d) He decides to re-write it.

5. Why does John marry Louise?
(a) Her father pays him.
(b) He fears she is pregnant.
(c) He just feels the need to get married.
(d) He decides he loves her.

Short Answer Questions

1. When David and Jesse are in the forest, what makes David run?

2. What emotion does Elizabeth feel at the end of the story ,after George share's his plans for his future?

3. What does the author say makes it difficult for people to understand Jesse?

4. What does the "half-witted boy" of Wing's school do at night?

5. What does Tom say "Tom Willard's son" must do?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the end of "Departure", what does George think about Winesburg?

2. How does Enoch's life change when he is twenty-one?

3. What happens the second time Elmer tries to talk to George?

4. How does the author compare Dr. Reefy to the twisted apples of Winesburg?

5. What does David do when Jesse pulls out a knife in the forest?

6. What does Elizabeth and George watch happen in the alley?

7. What does Alice realize when she gets home after the night she runs naked in the rain?

8. How do the Hardy girls respond to Louise when she comes to stay with them?

9. How does Enoch want to explain his art to his artist friends in New York City?

10. What does the drunken stranger say about women and love to Tom and Tandy?

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