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Objective: "The Book of the Grotesque" introduces a unique definition of "grotesque". The objective of this lesson is to deconstruct the definition of "grotesque" as described by the writer.

1) Group work: In groups, have students find passages from "The Book of the Grotesque" that define what "grotesque" means to the writer.

2) Class discussion: What does the writer call grotesque? How are the people he knows grotesque? How does truth make someone grotesque? Is grotesque always a negative thing? What truths does the writer discuss? How does he know these grotesques? What do the grotesques make him want to do? What examples does the writer give that explain his meaning of grotesque?

3) Pair work: In pairs, students write an imaginary story of a grotesque. Pairs are sure that their story relates to the clues the writer gives and his definition of grotesque. Pairs have the opportunity to share...

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