Winesburg, Ohio Fun Activities

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Create a collage of images that reflect the characters and events of "Winesburg, Ohio".

Radio Show

Create a script for a radio call-in show. Have characters call-in to comment on politics, current events or culture. Or, have characters call-in to ask for advice.

Roving Reporter

Pretend you are George Willard searching Winesburg for a good human interest piece. Select a character to be at the center of your report and write an article about them.


Write blog entries from the perspective of a character of your choosing. Be sure to use the first person and reflect the emotions your character has in response to the events of their life.

Police Blotter

Write several short descriptions of crime in Winesburg. Model your paragraphs after the police blotters found in local papers. Keep the description short, but mention all the important details.


Select a character and pretend...

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