Winesburg, Ohio Character Descriptions

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Jesse Bentley. - This character is a reluctant farmer, who studies to be a minister, but takes over the family farm when his brothers die in the Civil War.

Wing Biddlebaum. - This character is run out of his former town.

Belle Carpenter. - This character is the daughter of a bookkeeper who does things to make a local bartender jealous.

Curtis Hartman. - This character is a reverend in Winesburg.

Dr. Parcival. - This character fears the citizens of Winesburg attack him because he does not come to help a child.

Dr. Reefy. - This character keeps scraps of paper in his pockets.

Seth Richmond. - This character's father dies a scandalous death when he is killed during an argument with a newspaper editor.

Enoch Robinson. - This character's family owns an odds-and-ends store.

Kate Swift. - This character is a teacher in Winesburg.


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