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The Book of the Grotesque

• A writer has a carpenter come over to raise his bed to look out the window.

• The carpenter shares the story of his life.

• The writer tries to sleep and he dreams of the people he knows and their truths.

• The writer decides to write a book about the people he knows and their truths, which he calls "grotesques".

• The writer's book is never published.


• A man named Wing lives in a small town and keeps mostly to himself.

• Wing is known for his hands, but he also fears them.

• Wing used to live in Pennsylvania where he works as a teacher.

• A student accuses Wing of touching him inappropriately and he is eventually driven from town without any idea of the accusation.

Paper Pills

• Dr. Reefy is a small town doctor.

• A tall, dark girl visits him when she is pregnant...

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