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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Byron angry with Natalie's plans to go to Washington?
(a) He fears for her safety.
(b) He does not feel Roosevelt can help them.
(c) She is going to see Leslie Slote.
(d) She did not invite him.

2. Which ship is sunk while Rhoda, Victor, Byron and Madeline have dinner at the White House?
(a) The Lusitania.
(b) The Edinburgh.
(c) The Dauntless.
(d) The Bismarck.

3. To whom does Victor declare his love while away from home?
(a) Pamela.
(b) Janice.
(c) Natalie.
(d) Leslie.

4. What is Victor assigned to do with thirty-five surplus Navy planes?
(a) Destroy them.
(b) Send them to Poland.
(c) Hide them in Hawaii.
(d) Remove their Naval markings.

5. According to Roon, why was Germany unsuccessful in its air attacks against Britain?
(a) Anti-aircraft fire made progress slow.
(b) Germans used most of their fuel traveling to Britain.
(c) The United States sent their planes to Britain.
(d) Germans were attacked from the ground in Poland and France.

6. Where is Teddy Gallard stationed?
(a) Newport.
(b) Biggin Hill.
(c) Lisbon.
(d) Siena.

7. Which character is being held in a private cell in Germany?
(a) Grobke.
(b) Teddy Gallard.
(c) Wolf Stoller.
(d) Armin von Roon.

8. Where is Byron when the Devilfish sinks?
(a) On board the Tuna.
(b) In Berlin.
(c) On shore.
(d) On board the Devilfish.

9. Where is Victor ordered to go after the Memorial Day parade?
(a) Berlin.
(b) Newport.
(c) Hawaii.
(d) London.

10. Who is Sewell Bozeman?
(a) Madeline's cousin.
(b) Madeline's landlord.
(c) Madeline's boyfriend.
(d) Madeline's physician.

11. Why is Victor asked to accompany the President on a brief trip?
(a) Victor has connections in Berlin.
(b) The President is ill.
(c) The President needs his protection.
(d) The President wants to speak to Victor in private.

12. Why doesn't General Roon attend the hunt after Stroller's dinner party?
(a) He is busy making notes for his next book.
(b) His lame leg hinders his ability to hunt.
(c) He doesn't like to see deer shot.
(d) He dislikes the cold.

13. Why does Byron live with Aaron when he returns to work for him in Italy?
(a) The gas shortage causes buses to be erratic.
(b) Aaron needs a driver.
(c) He wants to be closer to Natalie.
(d) He cannot afford his own apartment.

14. Who is Teddy Gallard?
(a) Pamela's fiancé.
(b) An American banker.
(c) A British physician.
(d) Pamela's cousin.

15. Why is Victor transferred from the Tuscaloosa to the Augusta?
(a) The President is on the Augusta.
(b) He needs to gain access to new radar equipment.
(c) The Tuscaloosa is about to dock for repairs.
(d) The Augusta is bound for London.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event brings Byron back to the United States?

2. To what does General Roon equate the German's treatment of the Jews?

3. Why is Aaron unable to leave Italy?

4. Who agrees to assist Natalie in Italy with the red tape that is preventing Aaron from leaving Italy?

5. What does Victor whimsically ask to buy from E.J. Tillet?

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