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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Berel Jastrow living in Russia in Part 3?
(a) He is fleeing the Germans.
(b) He is searching for Aaron.
(c) He is searching for Natalie.
(d) He is spying for the Palestinians.

2. Why is Victor transferred from the Tuscaloosa to the Augusta?
(a) He needs to gain access to new radar equipment.
(b) The President is on the Augusta.
(c) The Tuscaloosa is about to dock for repairs.
(d) The Augusta is bound for London.

3. What submarine is Byron posted on in Part 3?
(a) The Tuna.
(b) The Dauntless.
(c) The Devilfish.
(d) The Codfish.

4. What does Janice see flying over Pearl Harbor?
(a) German planes.
(b) Wild geese.
(c) Japanese planes.
(d) Italian planes.

5. Who does Victor confide in about his trip with the President?
(a) Pamela.
(b) Warren.
(c) Byron.
(d) Rhoda.

6. Which leader does Victor meet with in Newfoundland?
(a) Hitler.
(b) Stalin.
(c) Churchill.
(d) Mussolini.

7. According to Roon, what month should the Germans have attacked London?
(a) December.
(b) June.
(c) August.
(d) October.

8. What does Byron want Victor to ask the President?
(a) To help Natalie and Aaron escape Italy.
(b) For money.
(c) To allow Victor to stay at home.
(d) For transport back to New York.

9. Who is Sumner Welles?
(a) A foreign policy adviser to Roosevelt.
(b) A physician.
(c) An American banker.
(d) An author.

10. Why does the commanding officer of Byron's submarine report engine trouble and stop for repairs?
(a) He knows Byron is planning on getting married.
(b) He fears there is a spy on board.
(c) He thinks there is a mine attached to the hull.
(d) His radar equipment is not working.

11. What news does Rhoda send Victor in a letter in Part 3?
(a) She loves him.
(b) Palmer is dead.
(c) She wants a divorce.
(d) Aaron is dead.

12. Where is Teddy Gallard stationed?
(a) Siena.
(b) Newport.
(c) Biggin Hill.
(d) Lisbon.

13. Who is Luigi Gianelli?
(a) An American banker.
(b) A British physician.
(c) A foreign policy adviser to Roosevelt.
(d) An author.

14. What regret does Natalie have after her father's death?
(a) She did not make it home before he died.
(b) She spent too much time trying to please others.
(c) She did not tell him she loved him.
(d) She did not spend enough time with him.

15. What does Leslie Slote ask Natalie in a letter?
(a) To leave Poland.
(b) To leave Italy.
(c) To send him money.
(d) To marry him.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is Warren engaged?

2. According to Roosevelt, why are the British unable to assist the French?

3. What does Aaron receive in Part 3?

4. With whom is Rhoda having an affair?

5. What does Victor learn in a letter after he completes his British bomber mission?

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