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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which German attempts to bribe Victor?
(a) Armin von Roon.
(b) Grobke.
(c) Hitler.
(d) Wolf Stoller.

2. Which prisoner of war does Victor visit while in Berlin?
(a) Armin von Roon.
(b) Teddy Gallard.
(c) Grobke.
(d) Wolf Stoller.

3. What does Victor whimsically ask to buy from E.J. Tillet?
(a) A tesla coil.
(b) A cavity magnetron.
(c) A klystron.
(d) A cyclotron.

4. Why is Victor asked to accompany the President on a brief trip?
(a) The President is ill.
(b) Victor has connections in Berlin.
(c) The President needs his protection.
(d) The President wants to speak to Victor in private.

5. Who does Aaron request that Natalie contact in Chapter 26?
(a) Pamela Tudsbury.
(b) Palmer Kirby.
(c) Leslie Slote.
(d) Berel Jastrow.

6. What happened to the men who were imprisoned with Teddy Gallard?
(a) They were tortured.
(b) They were executed.
(c) They were sent to concentration camps.
(d) They escaped.

7. What nickname do the British pilots give Victor?
(a) Pug.
(b) Pip.
(c) Briny.
(d) Admiral Henry.

8. What is the "Royal Oak"?
(a) One of Roosevelt's secret missions.
(b) A foreign policy program designed by Victor.
(c) A book written by Armin von Roon.
(d) A British ship sunk by a German U-boat.

9. What does Leslie Slote ask Natalie in a letter?
(a) To send him money.
(b) To leave Italy.
(c) To marry him.
(d) To leave Poland.

10. Why does Byron live with Aaron when he returns to work for him in Italy?
(a) The gas shortage causes buses to be erratic.
(b) He cannot afford his own apartment.
(c) He wants to be closer to Natalie.
(d) Aaron needs a driver.

11. What does E.J. Tillet show Victor?
(a) Radio technology.
(b) A tesla coil.
(c) Radar technology.
(d) A cyclotron.

12. What news does Rhoda send Victor in a letter in Part 3?
(a) She wants a divorce.
(b) Aaron is dead.
(c) She loves him.
(d) Palmer is dead.

13. Why is Victor transferred from the Tuscaloosa to the Augusta?
(a) The President is on the Augusta.
(b) He needs to gain access to new radar equipment.
(c) The Tuscaloosa is about to dock for repairs.
(d) The Augusta is bound for London.

14. Who is Sumner Welles?
(a) An author.
(b) A foreign policy adviser to Roosevelt.
(c) An American banker.
(d) A physician.

15. Who sends the message, "Eat Hearty, more coming, Mother Hubbard"?
(a) E.J. Tillet.
(b) Victor.
(c) Digger Brown.
(d) Roosevelt.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who agrees to assist Natalie in Italy with the red tape that is preventing Aaron from leaving Italy?

2. What concern about British pilots does Teddy Gallard discuss with Victor?

3. How does Victor react to the proposed bribe from the Germans?

4. To which ship is Victor assigned after his first command sinks?

5. According to Roon, what month should the Germans have attacked London?

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