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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Sewell Bozeman?
(a) Madeline's cousin.
(b) Madeline's physician.
(c) Madeline's boyfriend.
(d) Madeline's landlord.

2. Who is E.J. Tillet?
(a) A foreign policy adviser to Roosevelt.
(b) A British military official and author.
(c) Victor's commanding officer.
(d) A British physician.

3. Who does Aaron request that Natalie contact in Chapter 26?
(a) Leslie Slote.
(b) Palmer Kirby.
(c) Berel Jastrow.
(d) Pamela Tudsbury.

4. Why is Aaron unable to leave Italy?
(a) There are problems with his passport.
(b) He refuses to leave without Natalie.
(c) He is too ill to travel.
(d) His book has not been published.

5. Why does Natalie return home to her mother and father?
(a) Her father is very ill.
(b) Her parents do not approve of Leslie.
(c) Her mother fears for her safety.
(d) Her parents do not approve of Byron.

6. What news does Rhoda send Victor in a letter in Part 3?
(a) Aaron is dead.
(b) She wants a divorce.
(c) Palmer is dead.
(d) She loves him.

7. What ship does Carter Aster want Byron posted on in Part 3?
(a) The Devilfish.
(b) The Codfish.
(c) The Dauntless.
(d) The Tuna.

8. What event brings Byron back to the United States?
(a) Warren's wedding.
(b) Madeline's wedding.
(c) His father's promotion.
(d) Congressman Lacouture's funeral.

9. What concern about British pilots does Teddy Gallard discuss with Victor?
(a) Fatigue.
(b) Equipment failure.
(c) Morale.
(d) Experience.

10. Which character does Janice tend after the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
(a) Byron.
(b) Palmer.
(c) Warren.
(d) Victor.

11. How do the guests proceed to dinner at Wolf Stroller's dinner party?
(a) Through an arch.
(b) Down a slide.
(c) Under a canopy.
(d) In a single file line.

12. Which prisoner of war does Victor visit while in Berlin?
(a) Wolf Stoller.
(b) Grobke.
(c) Teddy Gallard.
(d) Armin von Roon.

13. What is the "Royal Oak"?
(a) A British ship sunk by a German U-boat.
(b) A foreign policy program designed by Victor.
(c) One of Roosevelt's secret missions.
(d) A book written by Armin von Roon.

14. In what activity does Winston Churchill ask Victor to take part?
(a) Naval intelligence inside Berlin.
(b) A retaliatory attack on the Germans.
(c) A secret mission to Italy.
(d) A state dinner with the Queen.

15. What do Natalie and Byron plan to do on his three days of shore leave?
(a) Get married.
(b) Secure Natalie's passport.
(c) Secure Aaron's passport.
(d) Lie on the beach and drink wine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Teddy Gallard?

2. Who does Victor confide in about his trip with the President?

3. Who is Sumner Welles?

4. What does Byron want Victor to ask the President?

5. According to Roosevelt, why are the British unable to assist the French?

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