The Winds of War Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Victor Henry.

Commander Victor "Pug" Henry has great aspirations for his career. He is loyal to both his family and his country. His goal in life is to rise to the rank of Captain and command a battleship. His eldest son, Warren, is a Navy man like his father. His younger son, Byron, is more interested in romance than a naval career. Victor struggles to reconcile himself between the demands of duty, his wife's social aspirations, and his own career goals.

2. What quandary does Victor have about accepting his assignment to Berlin?

Victor is placed in a quandary by the implications the Berlin assignment may have on his career. He sees his posting in Berlin as a detriment to his goal. The Navy typically sends its least promising officers to command posts, and Victor fears he will never reach his potential without more time in the water. However, Victor's posting to Berlin is actually an honor provided by President Roosevelt. The President understands that Victor wants to command his own vessel, and promises to fulfill that desire once the time is right.

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