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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 through 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Grobke's son-in-law?
(a) In Poland.
(b) At sea.
(c) In Berlin.
(d) Dead.

2. After visiting his daughter and grandchildren, where does Grobke take Victor?
(a) To a park.
(b) Through downtown Heidelberg.
(c) To Victor's hotel.
(d) To a bar.

3. Where does Berel suggest Natalie go?
(a) Lisbon.
(b) Siena.
(c) London.
(d) Medzice.

4. How does Byron transport two wounded young boys out of Italy?
(a) In the boot of the car.
(b) Under a bed of straw.
(c) In a large trunk.
(d) On the hood of the car.

5. According to Talky, with whom will the British form an alliance?
(a) Germany.
(b) The United States.
(c) Russia.
(d) Italy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Byron and Natalie escape Italy?

2. According to "World Empire Lost," how did Hitler come to power?

3. Where does Madeline want to live after she drops out of school?

4. In Part 1, where does the Navy want to send Victor on an intelligence mission?

5. What does Palmer Kirby produce?

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