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Historical Fiction

Find other examples of historical fiction to share with the class. Create a chart listing the fictional characters and the historical characters. Identify the types of roles (major, minor, etc.) each character plays.

Setting Sketches

Based on the descriptions in the novel, create a map that illustrates the setting of the novel.

• This activity may also be completed as a shoebox diorama, if time and materials allow.

Spy Speech

Pamela makes a reference to the "little tramp", or Charlie Chaplin, to refer to Hitler on the Bremen. Choose another character from the novel and create a "secret" reference for that character. Write a paragraph explaining why you chose that particular reference for your character.

Love Poetry

Despite the challenges they face, and the fact that Natalie seems to disdain Byron at first, these two characters develop the deepest love affair in the novel. Write a love...

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