The Winds of War Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• Victor Henry struggles over his choice of assignments in the Navy.

• Victor fears that accepting the assignment to Berlin will hinder his career and his goal of commanding a ship.

• Kip Tollever describes Hitler as a "a remarkable man" and defends German political ideology.
• The Henry family is introduced.

• Victor receives a letter from his son, Byron, describing his new assignment and a new love interest, Natalie.

• Victor writes a letter to Byron cautioning him about relationships between Americans and Jews in the current political climate.

• Victor decides to accept an assignment in Berlin.
• After finishing his fine arts degree, Byron travels to Europe for further study, but drops out of school.

• Byron begins working as a research assistant for author Aaron Jastrow.

• Byron becomes enamored with Aaron's niece, Natalie.
• Victor and Rhoda sail to Germany on the Bremen.

• Madeline expresses a desire to drop out...

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