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Short Answer Questions

1. Of what are the French Army cots made?

2. What always follows intelligence in children?

3. For what trait are the Moorish best known?

4. To what faction did Pepin belong?

5. Where was Antoine when he discovered some hope in humanity during the war?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Antoine describe the child he sees on the train?

2. How did Mohammed differ from the other slaves Antoine had seen in the desert?

3. What made Antoine know his survival in the desert was worth the effort?

4. What caused Antoine to crash land in the desert?

5. What does Antoine say the people on the train have sacrificed to bureaucracy?

6. What does Antoine say dies when a man is killed?

7. How does Antoine start his chapter about oases?

8. What happened when Antoine sat at a table to eat with the two girls from Paraguay?

9. To what does Antoine compare himself at the end of the book?

10. To what does Antoine compare the people on the train?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Industry and the effects of industry are two major and related themes in this book. Where do these themes appear, and how do they work together to affect Antoine's life?

Essay Topic 2

The separation of classes is quite a significant theme in this book. What are these classes, and how does this separation affect the people belonging to them?

Essay Topic 3

Who was Guillaumet, and how did his life and career choices affect Antoine's life? Why was he so influential on Antoine?

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