Wind, Sand and Stars Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. To what does Antoine compare himself when he finds himself at the mercy of the elements?

When Antoine is lost and cut off from contact he is left at the mercy of the elements. At this time he compares himself to a peasant who is at the mercy of the rain to grow his crops and the sun to keep him healthy.

2. What did a communication from Casablanca tell Antoine while he is lost that brings him comfort?

The only helpful transmission while Antoine is lost came from Casablanca which said that their fuel tanks were larger than regulation, and the extra hour they allowed would get them safely to Cisneros.

3. What does Antoine say made his experience being lost noble?

Antoine concludes that the thing that makes his death-defying task of delivering goods while being lost and alone noble is not the orders or the cargo, but the men the task creates.

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