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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has taken over Toad Hall?
(a) Rabbits, Stoats and Ferrets
(b) Ferrets, Stoats and Rabbits
(c) Weasels, Rabbits and Stoats
(d) Stoats, Weasels and Ferrets

2. What is the Otter child doing when Mole and Rat find him?
(a) Shaking with cold
(b) Sleeping peacefully
(c) Looking for food
(d) Crying for help

3. Which room in Toad Hall does the underground passage lead to?
(a) The kitchen
(b) The butler's pantry
(c) The ballroom
(d) The front hall

4. Which danger on the river does Rat specifically mention?
(a) Predators
(b) Deep holes
(c) Traps
(d) Hunters

5. Where did Toad see the motorcar earlier?
(a) The Green Frog
(b) The Pink Pig
(c) The Grey Goose
(d) The Red Lion

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mole suggest Rat do to feel better?

2. After their adventure Rat and Mole are:

3. Why does Toad get angry at the others the next morning?

4. What color are the wayfarer's eyes?

5. Who stops by to visit with Rat?

Short Essay Questions

1. Would Water Rat have liked a life at sea?

2. How does Toad behave when he rejoins the party?

3. Why does Badger threaten to leave Toad out of the attack on Toad Hall?

4. How does Toad get a ride on the train?

5. Why was Otter so worried about his son?

6. Why did stoats and weasels invade Toad Hall?

7. What bargain does Toad make with the gypsy?

8. What do Badger and the others hear the weasels doing as they approach?

9. Why did Sea Rat leave his farm?

10. How does Toad acquire a set of clothing to escape in?

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