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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Mole rows the boat?
(a) It capsizes and sinks
(b) They get swept downstream
(c) Rat gets angry and scolds him
(d) He runs it into the bank

2. What is the name of Mole's house?
(a) Mole's Hole
(b) Mole End
(c) The Burrow
(d) The Molery

3. What does Mr. Badger wear on his feet?
(a) Carpet slippers
(b) Heavy leather boots
(c) Sheepskin slippers
(d) Leather loafers

4. What is the first thing Rat and Mole do in Badger's home?
(a) Tell about their adventure.
(b) Eat supper with Badger
(c) Find beds to sleep in.
(d) Get warm by the fire.

5. What part of Toad's sentence carried the heaviest penalty?
(a) Cheeking the police
(b) Driving recklessly
(c) Stealing a motorcar
(d) Exceeding the speed limit

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows up at Mr. Badger's door during breakfast?

2. What sound frightens Mole in the woods?

3. The entrance to Mole's home is:

4. The first thing Rat and Mole do in the house is:

5. What animal warns Mole to "Get out of this?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What ends Toad's adventure in this chapter?

2. Why does Mole leave his home in this chapter?

3. Why does Mole go into the woods by himself?

4. Describe Mole's character.

5. Describe Toad.

6. How does Mole get across the river?

7. Why isn't Toad unhappy when the expedition ends?

8. What does Rat tell Mole about Toad Hall?

9. Why is the snowfall such a setback for Mole and Rat?

10. What did Rat and Mole spend the day doing?

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