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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The wayfarer's ancestor was:
(a) Swedish
(b) Norwegian
(c) Danish
(d) Finnish

2. Toad promises to:
(a) Make some soup
(b) Mend his shirt
(c) Mend his ways
(d) Mind the house

3. Who stops by to visit with Rat?
(a) A lost cat
(b) A lame pig
(c) A hedgehog
(d) A sea rat

4. Mole and Rat see a vision of a strange figure. What does the figure look like?
(a) A goat
(b) A bear
(c) A unicorn
(d) An angel

5. Where are the weasels planning to hold their banquet?
(a) The Grand Lobby
(b) The Dining Hall
(c) The Ballroom
(d) The Great Hallway

6. Toad promises the engine-driver to:
(a) Iron his shirts
(b) Bleach his shirts
(c) Wash his shirts
(d) Mend his shirts

7. How long do Mole and Rat row when looking for Otter's son?
(a) Ten hours
(b) All night
(c) Two days
(d) All week

8. Where does the motorcar end up?
(a) In a pond
(b) In a canal
(c) In a haystack
(d) In a field

9. Which room in Toad Hall does the underground passage lead to?
(a) The butler's pantry
(b) The front hall
(c) The kitchen
(d) The ballroom

10. Who starts to chase Toad after the motorcar crashes?
(a) Gypsies
(b) Policemen
(c) Barge women
(d) Horses

11. Which of the animals brings up the rear?
(a) Rat
(b) Mole
(c) Badger
(d) Toad

12. What do the gentlemen allow Toad to do?
(a) Sing his verses
(b) Take off his bonnet
(c) Drive the motorcar
(d) Sit on their laps

13. Which article of clothing does Toad lose?
(a) His trousers
(b) His backpack
(c) His waistcoat
(d) His jacket

14. What brushes Toad on the shoulder?
(a) A magpie's tail
(b) A pigeon's feather
(c) A bat's wing
(d) An owl's wing

15. What does Badger ask Mole to do after the attack is over?
(a) Make them a victory dinner
(b) Handcuff the unconscious weasels
(c) Help clean up the broken glass
(d) Check on the stoat sentries

Short Answer Questions

1. Before meeting Toad, the gaoler's daughter kept:

2. Where does Toad hide himself?

3. Who sings the song about Toad just before the attack?

4. Which of the following did Mole and Rat visit in their quest?

5. Who defended Toad Hall?

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