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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which danger on the river does Rat specifically mention?
(a) Traps
(b) Predators
(c) Hunters
(d) Deep holes

2. Who defended Toad Hall?
(a) Badger and Otter
(b) Rat and Badger
(c) Mole and Badger
(d) Otter and Mole

3. Where does the motorcar end up?
(a) In a field
(b) In a pond
(c) In a canal
(d) In a haystack

4. What are the field mice doing?
(a) Playing
(b) Packing
(c) Building
(d) Eating

5. Which of the animals brings up the rear?
(a) Toad
(b) Mole
(c) Rat
(d) Badger

6. What animal does Toad meet in the woods?
(a) A wolf
(b) A fox
(c) A warthog
(d) A bear

7. What does Toad think of himself?
(a) He's silly
(b) He's sorry
(c) He's smart
(d) He's simple

8. Which of the following did Mole and Rat visit in their quest?
(a) A city
(b) A park
(c) A meadow
(d) An island

9. What is Toad forced to wear on his head?
(a) A straw hat
(b) A beanie
(c) A head scarf
(d) A bonnet

10. Who starts to chase Toad after the motorcar crashes?
(a) Policemen
(b) Horses
(c) Barge women
(d) Gypsies

11. What does Toad sing about after breakfast?
(a) The horse
(b) Himself
(c) His sweetheart
(d) His friends

12. Who shoots at Toad?
(a) A sentry
(b) A gypsy
(c) A soldier
(d) A sheriff

13. Where is Toad when he wakes up?
(a) A cabbage patch
(b) A hollow tree
(c) A damp dungeon
(d) A handsome room

14. Where did Toad see the motorcar earlier?
(a) The Grey Goose
(b) The Green Frog
(c) The Red Lion
(d) The Pink Pig

15. Rat doesn't know why he feels:
(a) Curious
(b) Restless
(c) Resentful
(d) Puzzled

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has taken over Toad Hall?

2. Toad sees a horse. What is the horse pulling?

3. Who does Toad trade the horse to?

4. The visitor is from what country?

5. Who chases after the train with Toad in it?

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