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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the swallows headed?
(a) South
(b) North
(c) East
(d) West

2. What do the animals eat after the attack?
(a) Cold turkey
(b) Wild strawberries
(c) Ham sandwiches
(d) Cold tongue

3. What does Badger eat when he arrives at Rat's house?
(a) Stale cake
(b) Cold pie
(c) Cheese cake
(d) Cold cuts

4. Two stoats sink Rat's boat with
(a) A box
(b) A rock
(c) A brick
(d) A statue

5. Rat doesn't know why he feels:
(a) Puzzled
(b) Curious
(c) Restless
(d) Resentful

6. What brushes Toad on the shoulder?
(a) An owl's wing
(b) A bat's wing
(c) A magpie's tail
(d) A pigeon's feather

7. What does Badger tell Toad he must do?
(a) Hire some servants
(b) Take up boating
(c) Sell the house
(d) Hold a banquet

8. How much does Toad get for the horse?
(a) Five shillings and sixpence
(b) Six shillings and sixpence
(c) Four shillings a leg
(d) Six shillings a leg

9. Why does Otter think that his son might go to that particular spot?
(a) It's a good place to hide away.
(b) His best friend lives there.
(c) It was where he learned to swim.
(d) He likes the plants there.

10. Mole and Rat noticed that the flowers and plants they passed were:
(a) Vividly colored
(b) Made of plastic
(c) Bigger than normal
(d) Painted on paper

11. Rat wants Toad to keep out of:
(a) Rivers.
(b) Prison.
(c) Canals.
(d) Boats.

12. Which danger on the river does Rat specifically mention?
(a) Hunters
(b) Deep holes
(c) Predators
(d) Traps

13. What are the field mice doing?
(a) Building
(b) Eating
(c) Packing
(d) Playing

14. Toad is in prison for stealing which of the following?
(a) A motorboat
(b) A motorcar
(c) A motorbus
(d) A motorcycle

15. What happened to the invitations that Toad wrote?
(a) Mole locked them in the pantry
(b) They were burned in the fire
(c) They were confiscated by Rat
(d) Badger crossed out the program on them

Short Answer Questions

1. Which article of clothing does Toad lose?

2. Where is the Grand Canal?

3. What does the gaoler's daughter's food smell like?

4. Who shoots at Toad?

5. Where does the motorcar end up?

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