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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Badger tell the chauffeur?
(a) Mr. Toad wants a different car
(b) Mr. Toad has changed his mind
(c) Mr. Toad needs a long vacation
(d) Mr. Toad is busy right now

2. What, according to Toad, is the sound of a motorcar horn?
(a) Poop-poop!
(b) Beep-beep!
(c) Braaaaack!
(d) Awhooogah!

3. What animals do Rat and Mole see in the village?
(a) A family of mice
(b) A cat and a bird
(c) A dog and a horse
(d) A pair of raccoons

4. Who do the animals discuss?
(a) Mr. Otter
(b) Mr. Toad
(c) Mr. Mole
(d) Mr. Rat

5. Where did Mole cut himself?
(a) On his shoulder
(b) On his leg
(c) On his face
(d) On his arm

6. Where were the hedgehogs going when they got lost?
(a) To the store
(b) To the river
(c) To visit friends
(d) To school

7. Why doesn't Rat want to stop when Mole asks him?
(a) He's afraid that it will snow soon
(b) He thinks there are weasels around
(c) He has an appointment with Badger
(d) He thinks he left his door open

8. What are Rat and Mole doing when Badger knocks at their door?
(a) Mending fishing nets
(b) Eating breakfast
(c) Sleeping in late
(d) Painting a boat

9. Where is the first place Rat and Mole go?
(a) Up the river to explore
(b) Into the meadow to visit friends
(c) Into town to buy supplies
(d) Down the river for a picnic

10. Who did Mole and Rat do their exploring with?
(a) Badger
(b) Toad
(c) Squirrel
(d) Otter

11. Why is Rat unhappy on the expedition?
(a) He misses the river and his home
(b) Toad gives him the tiresome chores
(c) He feels tired from walking so long
(d) The rabbits make fun of his clothes

12. What do Mole and Rat prepare for the carolers?
(a) Mulled ale
(b) Hot cocoa
(c) Apple cider
(d) Spiced tea

13. Who do Otter and Rat make fun of?
(a) Mole
(b) Rabbit
(c) Toad
(d) Badger

14. What does Badger say when he comes in?
(a) Come follow me right now.
(b) The hour has come!
(c) It's Toad time!
(d) Get off your duffs.

15. What animal warns Mole to "Get out of this?"
(a) A mouse
(b) A swallow
(c) A chipmunk
(d) A rabbit

Short Answer Questions

1. The first thing Rat and Mole do in the house is:

2. What new hobby does Toad take up by the end of the chapter?

3. Rat compliments Mole's home for being:

4. What is Toad's favorite color?

5. What does Mole fall in love with "at first sight?"

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