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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After a time, the seizures stop and Toad becomes:
(a) Depressed
(b) Happier
(c) Angry
(d) Grateful

2. Why is Rat unhappy on the expedition?
(a) He feels tired from walking so long
(b) Toad gives him the tiresome chores
(c) The rabbits make fun of his clothes
(d) He misses the river and his home

3. How many motorcars have been smashed up so far?
(a) Six
(b) Seven
(c) Five
(d) Three

4. What is Toad's favorite color?
(a) Green
(b) Blue
(c) Red
(d) Yellow

5. Why do Rat and Mole stop on the way home?
(a) Mole is tired
(b) Rat is tired
(c) Rat gets lost
(d) They get hungry

6. Who do Otter and Rat make fun of?
(a) Mole
(b) Rabbit
(c) Badger
(d) Toad

7. What part of Toad's sentence carried the heaviest penalty?
(a) Stealing a motorcar
(b) Exceeding the speed limit
(c) Driving recklessly
(d) Cheeking the police

8. What does the phrase "make the acquaintance of" mean?
(a) Draw a picture of
(b) Sell something to
(c) Make fun of someone
(d) Meet a new person

9. Where is Rat when Mole goes into the woods?
(a) Asleep
(b) Boating
(c) Drawing
(d) In town

10. Why doesn't Rat to go visit Badger?
(a) He's afraid of the Badger
(b) Badger's house is uncomfortable
(c) Badger doesn't like company
(d) It's too far to walk

11. What is Badger "busy" doing in his study?
(a) Playing chess
(b) Sleeping
(c) Reading
(d) Playing music

12. What animal warns Mole to "Get out of this?"
(a) A rabbit
(b) A chipmunk
(c) A swallow
(d) A mouse

13. Who goes to the village for supplies?
(a) Mole
(b) The grey horse
(c) Rat
(d) Toad

14. Which of these was NOT found in Mole's courtyard?
(a) Goldfish
(b) Statues
(c) An apple tree
(d) Wire baskets

15. What sound frightens Mole in the woods?
(a) Crying
(b) Whistling
(c) Howling
(d) Screaming

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing Rat and Mole do in Badger's home?

2. What does Toad do while his friends are working?

3. What is the name of the inn that Toad stops at to eat?

4. What does Badger say when he comes in?

5. What mode of transportation does Rat use?

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