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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Badger's home has many:
(a) Pretty windows
(b) Long tunnels
(c) Stone fireplaces
(d) Steep staircases

2. What animals do Rat and Mole see in the village?
(a) A family of mice
(b) A cat and a bird
(c) A dog and a horse
(d) A pair of raccoons

3. What does Badger do when Toad defies him?
(a) Storms out of the house
(b) Wrestles him to the ground
(c) Locks him in his bedroom
(d) Growls and makes faces

4. Who sings a carol to Rat and Mole?
(a) A group of tiny bunnies
(b) One of the rabbits
(c) A group of field mice
(d) A pair of squirrels

5. Why can't Badger take action?
(a) No one listens to him
(b) It's impolite to act
(c) It's winter right now
(d) He has a broken leg

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rat decide that Mole cut himself on?

2. What do Rat and Mole find when they dig?

3. What brushes Toad on the shoulder?

4. Rat compliments Mole's home for being:

5. Why is Rat unhappy on the expedition?

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