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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Badger wear on his feet?
(a) Sheepskin slippers
(b) Heavy leather boots
(c) Leather loafers
(d) Carpet slippers

2. What does Rat decide that Mole cut himself on?
(a) Some broken glass
(b) A piece of metal
(c) A hidden bramble
(d) A rusty old knife

3. Where is the first place Rat and Mole go?
(a) Into the meadow to visit friends
(b) Up the river to explore
(c) Into town to buy supplies
(d) Down the river for a picnic

4. One of the hedgehogs is named:
(a) Vincent
(b) Harry
(c) Ambrose
(d) Billy

5. Where are the animals when they come out of Badger's tunnel?
(a) In the heart of the woods
(b) On the banks of the river
(c) At the edge of the woods
(d) Close to Mr. Toad's house

Short Answer Questions

1. What name was on the brass plate they uncovered?

2. Who do Otter and Rat make fun of?

3. Why doesn't Rat to go visit Badger?

4. What does Toad do while his friends are working?

5. What mode of transportation does Rat use?

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