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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mole compare the river to?
(a) A friendly child on a sunny day
(b) A long, chattering snake
(c) A storyteller telling secrets
(d) A banquet for the senses

2. What does Toad refuse to promise?
(a) That he'll drive at a safe speed
(b) That he'll give up motorcars
(c) That he'll get insurance
(d) That he'll let the chauffer drive

3. Toad has fits in which he:
(a) Hops around the bedroom, screaming
(b) Threatens his friends with lawsuits
(c) Pretends that his chairs are a motorcar
(d) Begs his friends to let him drive

4. What does Badger do when Toad defies him?
(a) Locks him in his bedroom
(b) Storms out of the house
(c) Wrestles him to the ground
(d) Growls and makes faces

5. What does Rat decide that Mole cut himself on?
(a) Some broken glass
(b) A rusty old knife
(c) A hidden bramble
(d) A piece of metal

Short Answer Questions

1. The song that Rat sings in this chapter is about what?

2. What, according to Toad, is the sound of a motorcar horn?

3. How, according to Rat, should small animals always travel in the Wild Woods?

4. What does Toad ask Rat to do for him?

5. One of the carolers is carrying:

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