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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal warns Mole to "Get out of this?"
(a) A swallow
(b) A rabbit
(c) A mouse
(d) A chipmunk

2. What offer does Mole make to Rat?
(a) To leave with him early in the morning
(b) To change jobs with him tomorrow
(c) To help persuade Toad to return home
(d) To switch bunks so Rat can sleep better

3. Where does Mole live?
(a) In a cottage
(b) On the river
(c) In a tree
(d) Underground

4. How many motorcars have been smashed up so far?
(a) Seven
(b) Six
(c) Five
(d) Three

5. What sound frightens Mole in the woods?
(a) Whistling
(b) Screaming
(c) Howling
(d) Crying

Short Answer Questions

1. Besides the beds, what is in the bedroom that Rat and Mole sleep in?

2. What is Badger "busy" doing in his study?

3. What happens when Mole rows the boat?

4. Why can't Badger take action?

5. Why doesn't Rat to go visit Badger?

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