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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Badger's home has many:
(a) Steep staircases
(b) Stone fireplaces
(c) Pretty windows
(d) Long tunnels

2. What name was on the brass plate they uncovered?
(a) Mr. Rabbit
(b) Mr. Badger
(c) Mr. Weasel
(d) Mr. Toad

3. What does Mr. Toad make fun of Rat about?
(a) Being fond of Stilton cheese
(b) Staying at home all the time
(c) Having fur all over his body
(d) Spending his time on the river

4. Why can't Badger take action?
(a) It's impolite to act
(b) He has a broken leg
(c) It's winter right now
(d) No one listens to him

5. What season is it when this chapter starts?
(a) Summer
(b) Spring
(c) Fall
(d) Winter

Short Answer Questions

1. Which danger on the river does Rat specifically mention?

2. Besides the beds, what is in the bedroom that Rat and Mole sleep in?

3. What is the first thing Rat and Mole do in Badger's home?

4. What does Badger decide they should do when Toad escapes?

5. Mole and Rat noticed that the flowers and plants they passed were:

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