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Lesson 1 (from Chapter I)


Chapter I

Mole is one of the major characters in A Wind in the Willows. This lesson will focus on his character traits and personality.


1) Ask students to discuss the character of Mole as he appears in this chapter. What are his major character traits? What makes him different as a character from Rat? Encourage students to come up with a sentence that describes Mole.

2) Have students fill out a character analysis chart with Mole's physical description, character traits, major lines of dialogue and function in the plot.

3) Encourage students to explore the character of Mole through movement. Read passages from the chapter describing Mole cleaning his house, then climbing through the tunnel to the outside, wandering through the meadow and encountering the river for the first time. Have the students act out Mole's movements as you read.

4) Ask students to draw a picture of...

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