The Wind in the Willows Character Descriptions

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Badger - He commands great respect as well as fear among the animals.

Bargewoman - She throws toad overboard when it turns out that he has no skill at washing.

Engine Driver - He gives Toad a ride on his train.

Gentlemen in the Motorcar - Toad steals their mode of transportation.

Gypsy - Toad sells him a horse.

Jailor's Daughter - She rescues Toad from his prison.

Mole - He learns about the river from Rat.

Otter - He is part of a large family and often brings information to the main characters.

Portly - Otter's missing son.

Rat - He invites Mole to stay at his home.

Sea Rat - He tells thrilling stories about his life on the ocean.

Stoats and Weasels - They take over Toad Hall.

Toad - He is fascinated by motorcars.

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