The Wind in the Willows Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter I

• Mole stops spring-cleaning in order to explore.

• Mole sees a river for the first time.

• Rat invites Mole to a picnic.

• Mole capsizes the boat, trying to row.

Chapter II

• Rat introduces Mole to Mr. Toad.

• Rat and Mole go traveling with Toad in his wagon.

• The wagon is destroyed in a motorcar accident.

• Toad becomes fascinated by motorcars and orders one for himself.

Chapter III

• Mole goes into the woods to find Mr. Badger.

• Rat realizes Mole is missing and searches for him.

• Rat and Mole get lost after a snowfall.

• Rat and Mole discover Mr. Badger's door.

Chapter IV

• Mr. Badger invites Rat and Mole into his house.

• Rat, Mole, and Badger plan to intervene with Toad's motorcar craze.

• Mole admires Mr. Badger's home.

• Mole realizes that he prefers home comforts to adventures.

Chapter V

• Rat and Mole pass through a human village.

• Mole...

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