Willow Short Essay - Answer Key

Julia Hoban
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1. What does Willow think the kids at school are always whispering about her?

Willow thinks that all the kids at school are constantly whispering about how she killed her parents.

2. How does Willow deal with the grief of her parent's death?

Willow finds emotional release for the pain and guilt she feels about her parents' death by cutting herself with razor blades to feel a pain that she can control.

3. How is David showing signs of avoidance?

David is showing signs of avoidance about the death of his parents and his new role as caretaker of his younger sister because he refuses to talk to Willow about the accident or his feelings about all these new changes in his life.

4. When does David express the sadness he feels at the beginning of the book?

David expresses the sadness he feels at the beginning of the book late at night in his kitchen where he thinks nobody will see him or hear him.

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