Objects & Places from Willow

Julia Hoban
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These are Willow's constant companion and best friend since the accident that killed her parents.

The University Library

This is where Willow works to make extra money to help David and Cathy make ends meet since moving in with them.

The Stacks

This is where all the rare books are held.

Tristes Tropiques

This is the book that Guy is searching for on the first day that he meets Willow.


This was Willow's favorite pastime before her parents died.

The Bulfinch

This is the book that Willow is reading for her final project this academic year.

The Bookstore

This is a place that carries rare academic books and was once Willow's favorite place to visit with her father.

The Tempest

This is the book that Willow purchases for Guy.

Kuala Lumpur

This is the city where Guy grew up as a child.

The Setting

This was...

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