Daily Lessons for Teaching Willow

Julia Hoban
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 4)


Chapters 1 - 4

Clinical Depression is a strong theme in this book as it is the illness that drives Willow's erratic and strange behavior. The objectives of this lesson will be to introduce the students to this illness and its effects and to discuss how it has altered Willow's life.


1) Introduction of Lesson Material: Prepare a short lesson about Depression, how it is caused, the symptoms of it, and some of the ways that have been found to manage it. After presenting this information to the students, answer any questions they may have about it, and how it pertains to Willow in this book.

2) Class Discussion: Read aloud with the class one of the parts that shows how Willow's mind works when she gets into her deep depressive phases. Discuss this as a class. Is this something you can relate to? How would it be to...

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