Willow Character Descriptions

Julia Hoban
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Willow Randall

This character becomes an orphan through a terrible accident for which she feels guilt.


This character is on a crew team and helps a young woman deal with her depression in a healthy way.

David Randall

This character is married and has an infant daughter, but his perfect life is rocked when his parents die.


This character is a kind woman who does her best to make her sister-in-law feel at home when she moves in.


This character makes her aunt jealous because of her loving parents.


This character works at the university library.

Miss Hamilton

This character is a highly organized woman with a pinched face that always seems to be scowling.


This character is the redheaded girl with the scratch on her arm.

Mr. Mosten

This character is a chemistry teacher.


This character grows very close to a...

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