Willow Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Julia Hoban
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Chapters 1 - 4

• Willow is a high school Junior who was recently orphaned and is now living with her brother, his wife, and daughter.

• We don't know the details yet, but it appears Willow was somehow involved in her parents' death and is dealing with guilt and grief from this.
• When Willow gets angry with herself or embarrassed about her surroundings, she deals with the grief by cutting herself with razorblades.

• David, Willow's brother, is a college professor, and he helped Willow get a job at the University library.
• One day, guy comes in needing help to find Tristes Tropiques, Willow's father's favorite book.

• Willow is stunned, and while it is strange for her, she sits and talks with Guy about the emotional connections with the book.
• Guy says he took a class with David once and liked him. He also says he recognizes Willow from school. She runs...

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