Will Grayson, Will Grayson Short Essay - Answer Key

John Green (author)
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1. Describe the protagonist Will Grayson 1, who is featured in Chapter 1 of the novel.

Will Grayson 1 is a junior in high school. He is white, heterosexual, and has two doctors for parents. Will Grayson 1 tries to stay under the radar as often as possible. In fact, he says that one of the rules he lives by is to keep his mouth closed. Will Grayson 1 is kind and considerate, however, and knows how to be a good friend. When the school board begins to discuss a possible ban of gay athletes in the locker room at their high school, Will Grayson 1 writes a letter in support of Tiny and of gay rights in general.

2. Who is Tiny?

Tiny is Will Grayson 1's best friend since third grade. Tiny is enormous, both in height and width. Tiny plays football at the guys' high school and he also has a keen interest in writing musicals. Soon upon the opening of the novel, Tiny announces that he is writing and will be directing an all-original musical named Tiny Dancer.

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