Objects & Places from Will Grayson, Will Grayson

John Green (author)
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Neutral Milk Hotel

This band symbolizes the way in which music can solidify friendships. At the start of the novel, Will Grayson 1 has known Jane for a while, but they only truly begin a friendship once they find that they have this favorite band in common. Since this band is a rather obscure one within the world of music, it also symbolizes the compatibility that stems from a shared love of something few others find valuable.

Swing Set

This object symbolizes the transition between childhood and adulthood. Several characters within the novel have serious talks about relationships while they are simultaneously using this object. The adolescent characters seek out this symbol of childhood in order to ease the difficulties posed by conversations that require a deeper level of maturity.

Ashland Avenue Poster

This object symbolizes the use of deception for material gain. When the members of this band...

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