Will Grayson, Will Grayson Character Descriptions

John Green (author)
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Will Grayson

This person is a teenage boy living in the Naperville section of the Chicago suburbs. He is from an upper middle class family in the suburbs. He has two rules for living - 1. Don't care too much; and 2. Shut up.

will grayson

This character meets another person with the same name when the boys go to the same seedy porn shop in Chicago. This character is often referred to as o.w.g. and seems to be a bit softer and more naive than the other person with the same name.

Tiny Cooper

This large, flamboyant, gay character is another's best friend. He takes every opportunity to be as outlandish as possible and routinely tells anyone who will listen about his fabulosity.


This character is an enigmatic girl who also is an excellent student with a bit of a rebellious streak. She becomes another character's...

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