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Short Answer Questions

1. What was ending at the schoolyard in the second poem in the "Drywater" section?

2. What was behind the nursery door? (Poem 5-"Jamaica")

3. In the poem "Blessings", where did the ancient wisdom travel from to greet "us"?

4. What were the "great beasts" suffering from in the eleventh poem from the "Village Tapes" section?

5. What was the brain filled with? (Poem 1- "Drywater)

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Morrison ask for forgiveness from Blacks? (Poem 3- "Villages Tapes")

2. In the poem "Science of Night", whom is Morrison addressing?

3. What did Morrison say mated? ("Drywater")

4. In the fourth poem of the "Drywater" section, what did Morrison claim he was not?

5. What did Morrison say America did to him? ("Jamaica")

6. Why did Morrison have the principal of the school holding his nose? ("Jamaica")

7. In the first poem of the section titled "Drywater", how did Morrison describe the night?

8. In the ninth poem from the "Village Tapes" section, who is Morrison looking for?

9. What message did Morrison claim was being sent at the end of the fourth poem in the "Drywater" section?

10. In the first poem from "The Village Tapes" section, what state is the world in?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Morrison claimed in the Self-Interview that he always wanted to write, but he was afraid of not being good at it. Do you think that Morrison succeeded at writing poetry, or that he (as he thought) failed? Why do you believe this? What helped him to succeed? Where did he fail? Support your answers.

Essay Topic 2

Choose a section from "Wilderness" and discuss how the section comes together as a whole. What are the common themes that Morrison spoke about? How did Morrison use imagery to tie individual poems together? How did this help to bring the section together? Did the cohesion of the ideas/themes help to create a deeper understanding of what Morrison was trying to say? Why/Why not?

Essay Topic 3

Rarely did Morrison title his poetry. Discuss how this lack of standard titling either helped or hindered your understanding of the book. Did this lack of apparent labeling confuse you as a reader or solidify what was known about Morrison as a writer? How did the lack of titling affect your understanding?

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