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Short Answer Questions

1. In poem one, "Drywater" section, what did Morrison say went down drains?

2. In the fifth poem, from the section "Village Tapes", what was claimed to be real?

3. Who did the woman beg to marry her? (Poem 3- "Drywater")

4. What did Morrison say that he yelled in the poem beginning "Argue w/breath"?

5. How did Morrison describe religion in the first poem from the section named "Drywater"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Morrison claim that he had to leave? ("Jamaica")

2. What is happening in the poem "Cassandra at the Well"?

3. What did Morrison say America did to him? ("Jamaica")

4. In the ninth poem from the "Village Tapes" section, who is Morrison looking for?

5. Why did Morrison ask for forgiveness from Blacks? (Poem 3- "Villages Tapes")

6. What did the poem that began "Silver shaken in the gloom" speak about?

7. In the poem from the section "Jamaica", what did Morrison describe was happening?

8. Morrison described the appearance of the the inhabitants of the island. How did Morrison describe the appearance of the men and women? ("Jamaica")

9. How did Morrison describe the vultures in the poem from the section "Jamaica"?

10. In the poem that began "Blessings", what is Morrison asking readers to do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rarely did Morrison title his poetry. Discuss how this lack of standard titling either helped or hindered your understanding of the book. Did this lack of apparent labeling confuse you as a reader or solidify what was known about Morrison as a writer? How did the lack of titling affect your understanding?

Essay Topic 2

"THE PONY EXPRESS" 21st May 1954

The pony express carried the mail

Over hill, over dale.

Over rough rugged trails

And the brave men that carried it

Didn't complain,

For they knew they were helping their good country's name

They rode and rode through

Strong winds and rain just

To carry the mail and build

Up our name

Over Indian country and great sandy plains,

They carried the mail and shared our fame.

"The Pony Express" was Morrison's first poem. Discuss the similarities between his writing as an adult to those of his first poem. What imagery did Morrison still use? How is the theme similar to poetry from his adulthood? What distinct image do you find that Morrison carried with him?

Essay Topic 3

Morrison was very influenced by Nietzsche. Nietzsche's main philosophy was based upon living in reality and the advancement of an individual's culture. Although Morrison was enamored and influenced by Nietzsche, he did not live in reality given his extensive drug and alcohol use. Therefore, how did Morrison try to align his life (poetry) with the philosophy of Nietzsche? What poems spoke to living in reality? Which poems spoke to advancing one's culture? Did Morrison's drug/alcohol use create a reality for him? Use textual evidence from the poems to support findings.

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