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Short Answer Questions

1. From the poem "The Fear", what did rabbits possess?

2. In the poem that started "In that year", what did Morrison claim to be stroked with?

3. Where did "we" rock"? (From the poem that started "In that year")

4. What did Morrison compare "wild promises" to? ( "Why does my mind circle around you")

5. What did Morrison say the body would be carried up through to heaven?("Ode to LA")

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened at the beginning of the poem "Ode to LA"?

2. Who is Ophelia in the poem "Ode to LA"?

3. What did Morrison state happened to the angel man in the poem "Ode to LA"?

4. According to Morrison, what does "real poetry" do?

5. Why did Morrison state that poetry meant so much to him?

6. What were the different ways that Morrison referred to Jones in "Ode to LA"?

7. How did Morrison describe the girl in "Orange County Suite"?

8. In the poem beginning "A man rakes leaves into", what happened as the smell of burning leaves filled the air?

9. What did Morrison say about the elimination of "space fillers" in an interview?

10. What did Morrison state happened to the savages in the poem "Ode to LA"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Address you feelings for Morrison. How do you feel about him as a man? Can you relate to the problems that he claimed to face? Where did you feel sorry for him? Where did you think that he may have been seen as distant and untruthful? Do you think his poetry created an honest portrayal of him as a person? Or did he always maintain a level that you could not relate to? Explain. Use textual evidence to answer the questions to support your answers.

Essay Topic 2

In a few of the poems, Morrison described relationships that he had with women. Discuss the different relationships that Morrison described in the poetry. What was the relationship based upon? How did you know this? How did Morrison feel about the relationship? About the woman? Use textual evidence to support your findings.

Essay Topic 3

Morrison claimed in the Self-Interview that he always wanted to write, but he was afraid of not being good at it. Do you think that Morrison succeeded at writing poetry, or that he (as he thought) failed? Why do you believe this? What helped him to succeed? Where did he fail? Support your answers.

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