Objects & Places from Wilderness

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The Trunkappears in The Opening of the Trunk

This object symbolized the mind in that, when opened, the universe is revealed and the individual is allowed to search it for wisdom.

LAmericaappears in Throughout

This represented the selection of writing that spoke to the sights and sounds of the city, as well as the late-night life Morrison lived, flavored by alcohol and the attendant musings and reflections set in the scene of the city

Far Ardenappears in Poems 1966-1971, Far Arden

This was the ideal place in Morrison's poem, to which he longs to return, and the ancients bid him come.

The Journalappears in Throughout

This was where Morrison recorded his thoughts and poetry.

The Desertappears in Ghost Song, others

This was the place where, as a child, Morrison saw an accident in which two vans of Native Americans had collided, and several of them lay bleeding and...

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