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Lesson 1 (from Prologue and Poems 1966-1971)


Prologue and Poems 1966-1971.

Understanding the background of who Jim Morrison was is crucial to understanding his poetry. The objective of this lesson is to examine Jim Morrison as a person (including all aspects of him as an artist).


1. Class Research: As a class, research Morrison using multimedia equipment in the classroom. Have students give research cues to search. Focus should be on birth, life, songwriting, relationships, and any/all other material that they find necessary to understand Morrison as a person.

2. Small Group Discussion: Place students into groups of 2-3. Have them discuss what they already know about Morrison, what they would like to know about Morrison, and what material that they think may sway the reality of who Morrison really was. Have them create a list of the topics listed and the answers that the groups have come up with.

3. Individual Writing Assignment...

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