Wilderness Character Descriptions

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Jim Morrisonappears in Throughout

This person, influenced by Native American exposure, expressed himself through poetry, song, and film.

Brian Jonesappears in Ode to LA While Thinking of Brian Jones, Deceased

This person, who committed suicide in a swimming pool, contributed to the music industry and is compared to Ophelia in the book.

Girl with Orange Ribbons in her Hairappears in Orange County Suite

This person was prized for her ability to communicate and to persevere through struggle from within and without the relationship.


This person misses home and the idyllic life of Far Arden, from Los Angeles, and corresponds with friends and family back home.

The Majorappears in Jamaica

This person beat slaves and left their boots by the reef.

A One-Night Lover

This person received silver coins from the author of the book.

Cassandraappears in Cassandra at the Well

This person was found crying for help...

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