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Prologue and Poems 1966-1971

• Morrison discussed his understanding of the self-interview.
• Morrison addressed the concept of "freedom".
• Morrison's poetry addressed America and Far Arden.

• Morrison's poetry discussed the culture of concerts.
• Morrison examined, in poetry, the coming of age for boys.
• Morrison addressed the themes of sex, drugs and life in the poetry of this section.

Ode to LA While Thinking of Brian Jones, Deceased

• Morrison is chosen by residents of a city to be a prince.

• Morrison's friend killed himself in a pool and Morrison is detailing the image in a poem.
• Morrison explained how the death of Jones affected him.
• Morrison explained how he hoped that Jones died.
• Morrison told of the gardener that found Jones.
• Morrison discussed Jones' "transfer" to heaven.

Far Arden

• In the first poem, the story of Morrison and friends being swept away in the middle of the night by an old...

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